All of the Ten Commandments are important, but I take a special interest in the Third Commandment, which says, Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord they God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain. (Exodus 20:7)

I am not guiltless. I’m ashamed to admit there was a time when I used God’s name flippantly and even in cursing. I could say it was in by BC days (before Christ), but that’s a flimsy excuse.

The thing is, we go to church and sing songs like “What a Beautiful Name it is, the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord,” and “What a Powerful Name it is, the Name of Jesus Christ, the King.” But do we really honor the name of the King?

I was convicted a couple of years ago that too many DVDs on my shelf, though rated PG, contained scenes in which the actor blatantly used God’s name in a curse (GD) or blurted out Jesus’ name in much the same way. You’d be surprised at some of the titles, because they were decent movies, films like: You’ve Got Mail, What about Bob?, and Independence Day. I loved those movies and thoroughly enjoyed watching them. Until one of the actors decided to take my Lord’s name in vain.

I can’t tell you how many films I either gave away or tossed in the trash. Maybe I’m being a bit of a Pharisee. I hope not. I certainly don’t expect anyone else to live up to my personal convictions. But doesn’t it make you stop and think? Already Hollywood has tried to make a mockery of Christian faith. You won’t see very many films coming out of Hollywood that you can trust for decency and respect for God’s name.

I read somewhere that Beau Bridges had a clause put in his movie contracts that he should not be forced to use God’s name in vain in his roles. I have to say, I really respect that man for doing so. Of course, you won’t see him in very many Hollywood films. But if you check the list of faith-based films, you’ll find his name there often.

Thank God for actors like Beau Bridges, Kevin Sorbo, and Kirk Cameron, and so many others who have taken a stand and provide us with decent entertainment.

To God Be the Glory!



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