An Unexpected Reunion

The gates of heaven open.

A host of tiny faces, shining like sun-gilded petals, gather in the clouds.

These are the babes who perished, torn apart in the womb or singed with liquid fire that ended their brief existence.

These were future doctors, lawyers, laborers, homemakers, teachers, and bearers of more little souls who were meant to come but never shall be.

They hover with open arms to greet the repentant ones who ended their lives.

They smile. Their eyes glow with a message of love and forgiveness.

They long to embrace the very ones who resisted them, to let them know all is well in the presence of a great and merciful God.

Consider this. Does one of these little ones belong to you? Did you make the crucial decision that changed their lives and yours?

There is hope. Turn from the pain of regret and grasp the tiny hand that can lead you to the throne of God where new life and restoration await.

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