The Conflict Over Merry Xmas

Many Christians are offended when someone sends a card with an abbreviation for Merry Christmas. The term Xmas has been used more often these days. I have issues with it as well. By removing Christ’s name and inserting an X, it’s like eliminating the true meaning behind the celebration.

Christmas is about the birth of Christ. That’s how the observance got started. It may not be the actual date of Jesus’ birth, but it certainly reflects on the fact that a Savior came to earth, took the form of a human being, was born as a baby, lay in a manger, and received a variety of visitors, including shepherds and, later, wise men.

By writing Xmas, it seems those details are eliminated in favor of the secular view of the holiday, which includes gift-giving, feasts, family gatherings, decorations, pine trees, wreaths, colored lights, etc., all of them fun activities, but they leave no room for remembering a babe in a manger. It seems Jesus is forgotten in the midst of all the busyness.

Perhaps, in order to reflect on the true theme of Christmas, we should change Merry Xmas to read Merry Tmas. Notice the T looks more like a cross, which points to the reason Christ came to earth in the first place. He didn’t come here to be born. He came here to die. He sacrificed His life so we might live eternally.

And so I say, Merry Tmas to all my friends. May this symbol be a reminder of the true reason behind the Christmas holiday.

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