Notice how the following, from 1:17 to 7:10, begins with only one worshiper and progressively grows and finally involves a great multitude no one could count:

1:17                 One person (John), “I fell at His feet as a dead man.”

4:8                   Four living creatures.

4:11                 Twenty-four elders.

5:9-10              Four living creatures and 24 elders.

5:12                 Many angels, living creatures, and elders.

5:13                 Every created thing in heaven and earth.

7:9-10              A great multitude no one could count.


Notice how the heavenly worship begins with the angels and progresses to include faithful humans and finally, once again, with a great multitude:

7:11-12            All the angels.

11:15               Loud voices in heaven.

11:16-18          Twenty-four elders.

12:10-12          A loud voice in heaven.

14:7                 An angel.

15:2-4              The victorious.

16:5-7              Angel of the waters and the altar.

19:1-3              A great multitude in heaven.

19:4                 Twenty-four elders and four living creatures.

19-5                 A voice from the throne.

19:6-7              A great multitude.


The point: worship begins with only one. Will you be that one? Will you encourage others to join you in worship? Are you looking forward to the day when your voice will merge with the multitude?

One thought on “HOW WORSHIP CAN GROW

  1. Great job Marian! I am growing in prayer and worship, so cool to see the progression of worship in Revelation.


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